Care - Teapot

Dishwasher Safe

Our Teapot is durable and made to last. The two-tone glaze is achieved through a labor-intensive process, meaning every piece is unique with natural variations and no two are identical. With the wooden handle and brass rivets removed, the ceramic components are dishwasher safe. We recommend using gentle and earth-friendly detergents like Seventh Generation or Puracy; avoid harsh detergents such as Cascade or Lemi Shine. Keep in mind that brass rivets will patina over time & it will add character to your collection.

The bamboo handle should be washed by hand, as dishwashers will deteriorate the finish. To restore, apply food-grade mineral oil with a clean cloth. Let absorb for about ten minutes then wipe off.

Due to its metal component, do not place teapot in Microwave.